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Planning for Tomorrow

Preparing Now

Wasatch County is growing. It continues to be one of the fastest growing counties in both the state and country. With growth comes challenges. Now more then ever our elected and civil leaders need to work together on a common vision to ensure our county is as beautiful tomorrow as it was yesterday. Erik has that vision and has worked tirelessly for years in hopes of making that vision a reality.
Working Together

Uniting Wasatch

Never before has our county faced so many challenges. Each one requires the ability of our local leaders to work with different parties, governments and/or organizations. Without the ability to work together, progress stalls and nothing is accomplished. Erik has the experience needed to help diverse interests work together for the common good.
No Special Interest Ties

County First

Not only has Erik never accepted board pay while serving on City Council, but he owns no land (other then the land his home sits on) or water shares. This has allowed him to make decisions free from any conflicts of interest common to many who serve either elected office or on government boards. Erik owes no favors and is under no special interest thumb.




Friends, neighbors and residents of Wasatch County, welcome to my campaign website. I hope the information I share will help you decide who to elect as your next County Council member. I have a profound love for Heber Valley and feel honored to represent your views and opinions.

When I served on the Heber City Council, I saw firsthand the many opportunities we have to prosper. I also heard from many a desire for change. Our residents want elected officials who can lead and provide a vision for our county. They want individuals that will work with other elected officials and do what’s best for the county. They want to see progress not conflict. They want consistency, complete honestly and greater accountability from their leaders. To put it simply, they want government to stay out of their business and be open and honest about all things.

I am proud to have demonstrated an active involvement in all those areas throughout my term in office as a City Council member. I’ve pushed for and spearheaded ordinances that increased transparency in our city government. I helped draft policy that introduced greater levels of accountability from our elected officials. Helped pass resolutions to simplify our business licensing process. Worked and pushed for a complete re-write of all city zoning in order to provide more options to private land owners.  I fought diligently to address concerns such as City Council compensation. I spent hours working with other council members and staff to ensure budgets where met and city spending was at a minimum. After all, being a resident as well, I want my taxes to be as low as possible too.

I voluntarily placed my entire share of board compensation into a separate city fund and invited other City Council members to do the same. For my entire term in office, that money was used to do exactly what I had hoped – be returned to the city and used to help pay for programs and infrastructure that benefited the public.

When I was elected as a City Council member, I promised to help our local business community as well as find ways to provide a stronger, safer and more family-oriented community. I did exactly that through my Play Unplugged program. I will continue to spearhead programs such as this as your next County Council member.

Through active involvement with organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary and serving on City Council, I have a clear vision as to the needs of our local economy.  I will continue to bring a vision to Wasatch County that will give reason for each one of us to feel excited about our county’s future. It all begins with a candidate that can lead, inspire and energizes us all to confront the challenges that face us. I know I can be that candidate.

Thank you for visiting my campaign website.

Erik's Goals

Help Unite Our Local Governments

No one elected official can enact change alone. Instead, they can be the catalyst to help others see what needs to be done through open dialogue and convincing arguments. All elected officials throughout the county work as a council. This means any resolution or ordinance can only pass if done so with a majority vote. So despite how much any one person, official or candidate promises change, unless they first know how to work with others, that promise means nothing.

This is where Erik excels. He has years of experience working with others and opening dialogues in hopes all involved can find common ground. His primary goal when elected is to help the county council find ways to work more effectively with all other government officials in the county. No more “us vs. them” mentalities.

Establish a Common Vision

A clear vision provides clarity and direction when difficult choices need to be made. Choices like establishing special service districts, annexation issues, and how to maintain or even build new infrastructure. A vision also helps establish priorities. What kind of business do we want to attract to the county? What kind of communities do we want to encourage? The fulfillment of a vision begins with the County Council. That vision helps guide decisions and prepare for the future.

Erik has proven time and time again his ability to listen, pay attention to the needs of the many, and work with others to create a vision appropriate for all those involved. As a member of the County Council, he will continue to bring this invaluable asset to the office.

Preserve Our Rural Heritage

Wasatch County faces unprecedented challenges over the next few years. Growth has been off the charts! While this growth has lead to a stronger local economy, it has also introduced new challenges. Issues such as increased traffic and the threat of our rural farmlands becoming urban sprawl. While government should never dictate how private land should be used, it should provide options that will allow that private land to be used in the manner the owner sees fit.

As a County Council member, Erik will not only work closely with other members of council, but will reach out to others throughout the county to understand their unique challenges. With a proven ability to work with both the county as well as the state as a member of City Council, Erik is looking forward to the challenge of helping make the Wasatch County Council the symbol of leadership and strength for the entire county.

Why Choose Erik?

Erik Speaking

Erik has years of proven experience and understands intimately the issues that face our county. He also understands the pressures of growth and it’s long term effect on infrastructure if not planned for appropriately.

Erik’s been involved with critical decisions regarding forecasting infrastructure needs and sticking to a budget. He also knows that in order to keep our property taxes as low as possible, our local economy must have the tools it needs to succeed.


Erik has been a staunch fighter for preserving private property rights. While serving on Heber City Council, he fought for greater transparency and accountability. He understands how vital it is that local government remain as small as possible while still ensuring the delivery of consistent and reliable infrastructure (water, sewer, roads, etc).

Erik strongly believes the best government is the one you never notice. You can read more about his feelings on keeping government small by clicking here

Talking to Kids

Erik will be the first to admit the four years serving on Heber City Council was not easy. The time spent in meetings and analyzing issues can be taxing. However Erik was always happy to serve even despite enormous personal trials. He intimately understands the time needed to fulfill this position. He also knows that on occasion difficult decisions need to be made and those decisions are rarely popular. When this happens, he understands how vital it is the public understands exactly what’s going on and all options that are available.

When elected, he’s excited to bring to the County Council his years of experience serving with Heber City. He hopes that excitement and experience will be felt by the other council members and be used as a catalyst to work together as much as possible.

Contact Erik

Phone: (435) 503-0455
520 C. North Main St.
Heber City, UT, US

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